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I have fished with Mr. Hardy for over ten years now and he is an excellent guide and fly fisherman.

Dan Hardy definitely knows where the fish live (he's fished these rivers for over 30 years) and is considered by many
in the industry, to be one of the best fisherman on
any river in Alaska, including the world-class Upper Kenai River above
and below Skilak Lake.

Dennis A. Rofoli
Kenai, Alaska

I've fished with Dan for many years. Whether you're an amateur or an expert, fishing with Dan is always a learning and fun experience. Dan offers all the possibilities for an unforgettable day of fishing. He keeps your abilities and interests in mind to create your adventure of a lifetime.

Orlando Gonzales
Alaskan resident and fly fisher since 1980
Alaskan licensed guide and fly fishing instructor
Alaska Fly Fishers contributing writer and member

I just want to let you know how much my son Josh and I learned from fishing with you this summer. I appreciate the fact that you use only the highest quality gear, including your boats, rafts, and fishing gear. Josh could not have won the 2003 Susitna King Salmon Derby without you. It was a great trip and his 59 lb Trophy is now hanging on the wall. The fact that you are not "grounded" to one river is very attractive to clients, as we know the fishing conditions in Alaska are different in every drainage. I will recommend you to all our guests. Thank You!

Jeff Varvil
General Manager
Alaska Raft And Kayak

Dan Hardy has been my Alaskan guide of choice for the past ten years. Dan has extensive knowledge of all fishing styles and specific techniques, that equal success in several Alaskan rivers and lakes. As a life-long educator, I appreciate Dan's teaching ability and personal touch regarding the history of the area.

Dan can offer interesting information about our wildlife, and his story telling ability is a great plus. If you want to learn how to fish in Alaska, and catch the "big one", Dan Hardy is your man!

Michael Perkins
Mears Middle School

I have had the opportunity on many occassions to fish with Dan Hardy, owner of D Ray Personal Guide Service. Dan has taken me fishing from Northern to Southern Alaska. Every trip has been a success. Dan's knowledge with regards to catching trophy fish is World Class. Dan's trips are custom tailored to meet your needs and expections. If you do not have a favorite rod yet, don't worry, Dan has the highest quality gear, such as G Loomis, Sage, Orvis and Pate.

You will not find a finer Professional Guide, or person for that matter. Dan is one of those guys that can fish in the boat next to yours and will land thirty fish to your one. Don't take my word for it, ask around, or better yet, book a trip with D Ray Personal Guide
Service. Dan exemplifies the highest standards set forth by quality
outfitters. He is one of the finest men you will ever meet. I highly
recommend Dan Hardy without reservation.

Norm Parrott
Wedbush Morgan Securities
Senior Vice President

Dan Hardy is the most knowledgeable and skilled freshwater flyfisherman I know. Through the years, he has improved my casting, fly tying, and fish fighting skills. (Ask him about the dynamic draw!) He's modest, yet competitve, well known, and respected in Alaska. (See past isssues of Fish Alaska)

I have fished with Dan sometimes a week at at time and he is still teaching me and honing my angling skills. Only distance and my schedule prevent me from camping on his doorstep. No doubt I will regret this endorsement, because increased exposure for Dan, will result in a busier schedule for him and less available dates for me.

Dr. Robert Bowman
Grand Rapids, Michigan

I have fished with Dan Hardy of D-Rays Personal Guide Service, for over fourteen years. We have done it all, from spring steelhead in Yakutat, to flyfishing the salt for sea bass, to salmon in the summer, to monster "bows" and steelhead in the fall.

He is an expert in the pursuit of trophy rainbows and steelhead. I'm talking fish of a life-time! Without question, he is one of the most knowledgeable anglers I have ever met. Please feel free to contact me. In fact I encourage you to. I may be reached at (907)-227-3782.
Fish On!

Paul Womack

I have fished many places all over the world and with many guides. Dan has all the attributes I have found in some of the world's best guides. He is very affable, knowledgeable and certainly knows how to catch fish. More importantly, he can teach people what they need to know to have a successful angling experience. Whether it is small stream fishing for rainbow trout/steelhead or larger water for trophy king salmon, Dan can tailor your trip to fit your needs and experience. I look forward in anticipation of my next outing with him........it is sure to be a lot of fun!

Shawn Johnston, M.D.
Anchorage, Alaska

My fly fishing trips with D-Ray have been very memorable. Dan is very helpful, and has the patience needed to be an outstanding guide. I have landed some of the biggest rainbows ever while fishing with Dan. If trophy trout is what your after, Dan will hook you up.

Keith Graham
World Wide Angler Fly Shop
Anchorage, Alaska

Dan Hardy - My Guide, My Friend

In January 2003, I began my search for an Alaska guide. My wife, 2 sons and a son’s roommate, and I planned on spending a week in Anchorage at the end of July. My youngest son will be attending The University of Alaska Anchorage in fall of 2004 and wanted to see the school. We had never been to Alaska so we decided to fish and see the area since we were there. This led to my guide search. It turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

Being a flyshop manager and teacher in Colorado, I had too many connections and advisors. I had tons of suggestions on lodges, but it was not possible with five people and school - teacher salaries. We decided that I would arrive three days before my family, hire a guide, and learn how to fish and where to fish in the Anchorage area. To accomplish this task, I interviewed 8 different guides including a man named Dan Hardy recommended by a customer at the fly shop. After many phone calls and e-mails – I decided on Dan. In retrospect, it was an excellent choice – the man who was born and raised in Anchorage.

Dan was amazing from my very first e-mail. He was so patient in his answers to my e-mails as well as during numerous phone calls. I would come to find out that this was just the beginning. I was used to the guides we have here in the west. Being in the business, I have been lucky enough to float with some amazing guides over the last 8 years. I know what to expect, and I expect a lot. Dan, in my mind, took guiding to another level. The minute you met Dan you feel like you have known him for years. I spent two days floating with him - the first for trout and the second for salmon. It was exactly what I wanted. For two days, Dan answered my questions about techniques as well as locations to take my family. During this time, Dan became not just my guide but also my host. The third day, my plan was to explore Anchorage a bit. I got a call I didn’t expect. It was Dan. He asked if I wanted to see a place I could take my family fishing in Anchorage. On his day off, he picked me up and continued to show me where and how to fish Alaska. That night, I even had dinner with his family. Over the next seven days, Dan called every day. He wanted to know how we did, where we planned on fishing and how things were going. He also offered advice and really looked out for our well - being. He was so amazing, I had felt bad my family wouldn’t get to know him but that was resolved with a float on the Kenai. It turned out to be one of those days that families talk about around the holiday table – all five of us fishing the Kenai together. In fact, we have a picture Dan sent us of our family on his boat hanging in our dining room. I knew he could work with adults but three very excited boys could be a challenge. Yet he handled it like everything else I saw him do - with ease. I found he has an amazing ability to work with all ages from my 17 year old to the 23 year olds as well as my wife. My wife’s age was not to be discussed. It was truly an amazing time.

Dan Hardy, D-Ray as the kids call him, made our Alaska trip unforgettable. I expected a guide. What I got was a friend. Dan took my families’ time in Alaska and dedicated his time, energy and resources toward making it the best possible time for us. In the 10 days I spent there Dan became not just a guide but also a friend and a part of our family. Dan is truly a gifted guide and an amazing person. As I have said to fly shop customers many times since my return, I would highly recommend Dan and do so without reservations.

Shawn Poole

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