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Fishing in Kiritimati

My DIY exploratory trip in January 2020 (right before they closed the country due to covid) to Christmas Island was a success! My previous trips over there, had always been through a travel agency! Which was helpful, especially when you haven’t been to a location before (they can help take out all of the guesswork). But, it will cost you for their services. Some travel agencies charge less, some more, it really depends on what lodge they go through. I decided after my last trip to Kiritimati in 2019, that I would try to come back, and access the atoll without using a travel agency! In other words, a complete DIY gameplan. I rented a vehicle, took a GPS device, and laid down some tracks and waypoints across the atoll. Mission accomplished! I was (with some wonderful assistance), able to access numerous well known flats inside the atoll (which has a surface area of 140 square miles), and also in the wild and beautiful backcountry! This was done, at a minimum of what the travel agencies charge!

A Trip for Experienced Fishermen

Christmas Island DIY fishing is not for the faint of heart…while a lot of the homework and logistics have been ironed out through the research and recon I have already done, DIY fishing has many components that need to be addressed before embarking on an excursion that’s over four thousand miles away, and crosses the international date line!! Such as, physical conditioning (on some days, we will be walking in eighty-degree temps for miles), carrying backpacks, bottled water, and sometimes three flyrods! Your casting skills must be proficient (double haul at best, single haul at a minimum), and last but not least, having a good attitude (No Whiners)!  DIY is not always a guarantee for success. But, if you have a sense of independence, exploration, and adventure, and you’re not afraid of failure sometimes, this trip is for you!

    Topics I will cover before the trip:

    • Christmas Island Location and Geography
    • Logistics and Accessibility
    • Equipment and Fishing Gear
    • Lodging and care rentals on Oahu
    • Moon Phases
    • Kiritimati Fish Facts and Tips
    • Insights to have a successful Trip
    • Costs for a One-Week Stay

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